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Tapioca originates from “Tipi’óca” in  Tupi-Guarani (the original South-American Indian language). It means “clustering” and was used because hydrated Tapioca flour clusters together under heat without using butter or oil.
Tapioca flour is made from the Cassava root, also known as Yucca, Mandioca  or Kasbi. It contains many fibres and is gluten free. Cassava is originally from Middle and South-America, used by Indians and currently also one of the most important food sources in Africa.
Tapioca is a good alternative to bread and wraps, gluten free and a source of fibres. They are also a good option for vegans, and for kids with certain allergies. Our Tapioca workshops for kids are always a big success.

What is tapioca?

How to prepare tapioca?

Preparing your Tapioca is very easy with our ready to go flour. Pre-heat a cooking pan without butter or oil. Put in our hydrated Tapioca flour and just watch it cluster together in a few minutes. Turn it around and add your toppings.

Tapioca flour has a neutral taste which allows you to be creative with toppings. Follow us on Instagram for ideas.

Try Tapioca

To get you started we also offer Tapioca workshops on location. To add to your inventory we produce Tapioca flour in various healthy colour variants with a subtle taste. Contact us for more information.

Our hydrated Tapioca flour is a great gluten free alternative to bread and wraps to offer to your clients. Tapioca’s are quick and easy to prepare and we can help you on the way with our most liked fillings. 

About our company

Tapioca Food Company is about tasty health food, and was founded in 2016 by Débora Moraes. Débora, originally from Rio de Janeiro Brazil, moved to the Netherlands in 2009. The combination of Brazilian roots and an European healthy lifestyle made Tapioca Food Company. All products are handmade and prepared with love!
Besides founder of Tapioca Food Company Débora is also certified Pilates instructor.

We offer catering

Tapioca Catering, perfect for any event, big to small! We take all your worry’s away and serve your hungry guests at your location.

  1. Chicken with cheese and salad
  2. Dry meat with cheese and salad
  3. Hummus with zucchini (vegan)
  4. Two types of cheese with Mediterranean flavor
  5. Mixed cheese, banana, coconut, cinnamon and honey
  6. Romeo and Juliet (cheese with guava)
  7. Coconuts with condensed milk
  8. Nutella with Banana
We also offer our cosy Tapioca Studio in Rotterdam for your event (max 10 – 15 pers). Contact us for more details.

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